Belt Loop Buckle Information

Deluxe Belt Loop Buckle
For those who want the strength of a sturdy belt loop, and still want to easily clip your tail on/off, we have designed a nifty little device we call the Deluxe Belt-Loop Buckle to fit that very purpose. It featues a plastic side-release buckle attached to a strong polyester belt loop, allowing you to slide the loop piece onto your belt, and then simply "click" your tail into the socket! Tail buckles are universal, so you can click any tail into your belt loop piece! Our belt loop buckle is durable enough to withstand over 100lbs (over 50kgs) of force without breaking off, guaranteed. So don't be afraid to dance!

Steel Pant Clamp

Works as simply as it looks, squeeze this little black clamp to open its jaws. With this easy to use metal clamp, you can attach your tail to any pair of pants with ease, even if you aren't wearing a belt! For best results though, we encourage you to wear a sturdy pair of pants/shorts, jeans being ideal. A belt also helps with sturdiness, but if you are looking for the most strength you are better off with the belt loop buckle. We recommend this option for smaller, more lightweight tails.