About AnthroWear

AnthroWear Feral Apparel is an independent costume and fashion company specializing in "Furry-themed" costume pieces and  fashion accessories. Made-to-order by caring hands, Anthrowear is for those who wish to express their individuality in a fun and creative new way. It is our collective goal to spread joy through creative personal expression, and we are doing that one tail at a time!


AnthroWear was founded in the summer of 2012 by two young entrepreneurs with a commitment to the community. We are passionate advocates for individuality, freedom of expression, and personal empowerment, and we bring that passion to our work by adopting a "People Before Profit" way of business. We believe in a world without corruption, fear, and hate. Have fun and help us create a brighter world by expressing your furry side!


All of our products are made by hand in our workshop in Oregon, USA. AnthroWear is creating jobs for passionate, dedicated artists in our community and supports a 'buy-local' supply chain. We invest heavily in materials from local USA-based companies, supporting the local economy, and giving back to those in our communities who helped make AnthroWear possible. With your help, AnthroWear is able to provide the highest quality furry products, hand-made to order just the way you want it. Why? Because you matter :)


You can pick any of the following reasons and be confident when ordering from AnthroWear.

  • 100% Hand-Made in the USA.

  • Long-Lasting Durable and Washable Materials.

  • 5-Star Rated Products and Stellar Customer Service.

  • Suitable for Adults and Children Ages 6 and up.

  • Commitment to Quality and Community.

  • Environmentally and Socially Conscious Business Practices.

  • A Trusted Brand with Years of Professional Experience.


Meet the Artists


Gianni Cerbo is co-founder and owner of AnthroWear LLC and all of its subsidiaries. He currently serves full time as the company's director of business development, director of marketing, lead product designer, manufacturing supervisor, machine specialist, and customer service representative. Mr. Cerbo has been the driving force behind the conception and orchestration of AnthroWear since the very beginning. His commitment to the community, his dedication to the craft, and his sharp eye for quality has led AnthroWear and its team to unbridled success year after year. Gianni personally designed all of the tails in the AnthroWear catalogue, and has a hand in creating and inspecting every single tail that leaves our workshop. If you have ever bought a tail from AnthroWear, you can be certain that it was made right and inspected for quality by our very own Gianni Cerbo!



Kent Glovinsky is co-founder and owner of AnthroWear LLC. He currently serves full time as the company's director of business administration, accounting and bookkeeping manager, logistics and shipping supervisor, customer service representative, general manufacturing assistant, and serves as a co-developer in all of the company's projects. Mr. Glovinsky has been the steady hand at the helm of AnthroWear's operation since the store began taking orders in 2012. His proclivity for organization and eye for efficiency have helped AnthroWear run smoothly, like a well oiled sewing machine. Kent personally processes and ships every single order that comes into the shop and stuffs almost every tail that leaves. If you have ever ordered from AnthroWear, you can be certain it was processed by Kent Glovinsky himself!



Robert Jauss is the creator of FurHost, the site host for AnthroWear LLC and all of its subsidiaries. Mr. Jauss joined the AnthroWear team in 2014 as the company's webstore designer. He currently serves online as the site's technical support administrator. Robert also assists in graphic design and provides all printing services for AnthroWear. His continued support has helped our webstore provide stellar service to thousands of happy customers. The next time you check out through our webstore, you can thank Robert for the site's intuitive user interface and easy shopping experience!



Kris has been with AnthroWear since the beginning of 2017, serving part time as a general manufacturing assistant in the workshop. She brings more than a positive attitude, she brings hands-on factory floor experience, and a dependable work ethic that goes above and beyond. Kris has taken on an increasing number of behind the scenes manufacturing tasks, helping the team produce faster than ever before! Almost all tails are completed in less than one week now, thanks to her dedication!


Elise Miller has been with AnthroWear since 2015. She currently serves part time as one of AnthroWear's product designers and crafters. She has been commissioned with making our vision a reality by creating the patterns for and hand-crafting many of the ears that AnthroWear produces. Ms. Miller's enthusiasm for the art and dedication to the craft has helped AnthroWear achieve a bigger and brighter product line.



Justin Elder works seasonally at AnthroWear, traveling with the company as event staff at conventions and trade shows. He has put in hours of work to help AnthroWear complete large projects on time, and to get us through the busiest times of the year smoothly. Justin brings years of customer service excellence to the AnthroWear table, providing warm reception at all public events.


Trevor Benjamin works seasonally at AnthroWear, traveling with the company  as event staff at conventions and trade shows. He has put in hours of work to help AnthroWear complete large projects on time, and to get us through the busiest times of the year smoothly. Trevor brings years of trade show experience to the table, and has helped AnthroWear be an integral part of many local trade shows and charity events.

Return Policy

All items may be returned for a full refund of the purchase price, within 7 days of the item being received. Contact us to arrange any returns, or for further questions regarding our return policy.